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Product Distributors

Please visit any of the distributors below to purchase Newnex products. Many distributors offer the option to order over the Internet or the phone. If no distributor is listed under your region, please note that some distributors may ship the products to your area. Please visit the distributor's website for more information.

North America

  left arrow to USA Distributors United States
  USB Stuff /Distributor
  FireWire Stuff /Distributor
  Industrial Component /Distributor
  JMAK Automation /Distributor

  Willy' Electronic Supply CO Inc. /Distributor


  left arrow to Japan Distributors Japan
  ViewPlus /Distributor
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  left arrow to Korean Distributors Korea
  CYLOD Vision and Robot /Distributor
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  left arrow to Taiwanese Distributors Taiwan
  APO /Distributor
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  left arrow to Chinese Distributors China
  MVLZ Sanbao Xingye /Distributor
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  left arrow to United Kingdom Distributors United Kingdom
  iTM Components /Distributor
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  left arrow to French Distributors France
  Innovation Imaging Solutions /Distributor