Newnew Technology Corp.

USB 3.0/3.1 Gen 1 Water & Dust Proof
Connection Systems

Product Overview

Newnex's waterproof USB 3.0 cable interconnection systems are featured with IP67 waterproofed connectors. These systems support USB 3.0 SuperSpeed data rate with high signal integrity level while maintaining a strong protection from dust and fluid.

By including Newnex's innovative FireNEX-uLINK™ USB 3.0 active repeating technology, the waterproofed connection link can be extended up to 10m in total, ideal for application fields such as military, submarine, petroleum, robotics, etc.

Water and Dust Proof USB 3.0 Cable, featuring how the connectors secure into place

Water and Dust Proof USB 3.0 Cable, displacing both ends of the waterproof connectors


  • USB 3.0 5Gbps data rate supported
  • Sealed level IP67 against fluids and dust
  • USB 2.0 backward compatible
  • Snap locking, ensure easy and reliable interconnection
  • FireNEX-uLINK™ active repeater option
    available for longer connection lengths

Embedded USB 3.0 Active Repeater

To ensure superior signal integrity in USB 3.0 SuperSpeed data transfer for longer connection range, a FireNEX-uLINK™ USB 3.0 active repeater may be incorporated into the connection link to compensate the signal loss due to the mated connections.

Water and Dust Proof USB 3.0 Cable with an active repeater added

Typical Configuration and Part Number

PN Description
US2-IP-AA-XX USB 3.0 A/M to Waterproof A/M,
( XX in meters )
waterproof usb plug

US2-IP-AFA-XX USB 3.0 A/M to Waterproof A/F,
( XX in meters )
usb waterproof

US2-IP-ULAFAXX USB 3.0 A/M to Waterproof A/F,
with FireNEX-uLINK Active Repeater Unit,
( XX in meters )
water proof connector