Newnex - USB 3.0 Optical Repeater, FireNEX-uLINK-D



  • USB 3.0 signals up to 6 meters
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 at 5.0 Gbps
  • Works with PCs, Macs and Linux
  • Bus powered, no external source needed
  • Plug and Play
  • RoHS Certified
  • Compact size

Item#: FireNEX-uLINK-D

Along with the FireNEX-uLINK™, the FireNEX-uLINK-D™ is the world's first USB 3.0 active repeater capable of extending SuperSpeed USB/USB 3.0 signals up to 6 meters in length. The recommended practical length limit for USB 3.0 is three meters. The FireNEX-uLINK-D™ more than triples this distance, all without external power or drivers.

The true significance of the FireNEX-uLINK-D™ is in its design. The FireNEX-uLINK-D™ and all its features are housed in a durable, small enclosure on the length of the cable. The device requires no external power sources, Plug and Play functionality, and low power consumption. In terms of usage, the FireNEX-uLINK-D™ is no more difficult than a normal USB cable. The ease of use and extensive functionality is the essential foundation of the FireNEX-uLINK-D™'s design.

A FireNEX-uLINK-D� needs two USB 3.0 cables with certain length to operate which are not included. This model is not compatible with USB 2.0 devices.

Note: FireNEX-uLINK-DS™ may not be compatible with some USB 3.0 cables from other manufacturers. Therefore, Newnex 3 meters USB 3.0 cables are recommended for optimal performance.

FireNEX-uLINK-D™ are registered trademarks of Newnex Technology Corp. All rights reserved.


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