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USB 3.0

There are three major connector types that used for USB 3.0 interface. Type A, Type B, and Micro B. Newnex carries plug connector, receptacle socket and DIY connector plug kit for all three types. The Type A plug and receptacle are often used on host side interconnection, whereas Type B and Micro B are commonly used on device side. The DIY connector plug kits are designed for quick and easy self termination of USB 3.0 cables.

Type A
Connector Kit


USB 3.0 Type A Assemblable DIY Connector Plug Kit

Type B
Connector Kit


USB 3.0 Type B Assemblable DIY Connector Plug Kit

Micro B
Connector Kit

PN# UPB-3-1001DIY

USB 3.0 Micro B Assemblable DIY Connector Plug Kit

Type A Receptacle

PN# URA-3001

USB 3.0 Type A Recetacle

Type B Receptacle

PN# URB-3001

USB 3.0 Type B Receptacle

Micro B Receptacle

PN# URB-3-3001

USB 3.0 Micro B Receptacle

Type A Plug

PN# UPA-3001

USB 3.0 Type A Plug

Type B Plug

PN# UPB-3001

USB 3.0 Type B Plug

Micro B Plug

PN# UPB-3-1001

USB 3.0 Micro B Plug