USB 3.0Optical Fiber Extender


2-Port USB 3.0 Optical Fiber Repeater Extension System

FireNEX-5000H™ is a 2-Port USB 3.0 Optical Fiber Extender that is capable of not only repeating/extending USB 3.0 signal with 5 Gbps SuperSpeed bandwidth for up to 300 meters, but can also deliver up to 15W of bus power to a device from a maximum of 100 meters away.

The FireNEX-5000H™ utilizes a specifically designed hybrid optical fiber to transfer data and power at the same time, taking full advantage of optical fiber's light weight, EMI free, and easy cable management with power delivery feature.

FireNEX-5000H was awarded a 2016 Vision System Design Innovators Award.

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For Standard OM3/OM4 Fiber Extension, up to 300m (1,000 ft.)


For Kinect v2 Sensor Extension Only, up to 100m (330 ft.)


  • 100% Plug and Play
  • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Extension up to 300 meters
  • 15W Maximum Power Delivery up to 100 meters (with Hybrid Cable)
  • Maximum 5Gbps USB 3.0 Bandwidth Supported
  • Multiple Devices Supported
  • Compact & Light Profile
  • Metal Extrusion Enclosure Body
  • AIA USB3 Vision™ Compliant Locking Port
  • RoHS Compliant
  • FCC and CE Compliant


Without Power Delivery
Up to 300m (1,000 ft.)
With Power Delivery
Up to 100m (330 ft.)
Kinect v2 Extension
Up to 100m (330 ft.)

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed
5 Gb/s

93.5 x 45.4 x 27mm (3.68 x 1.79 x 1.06”)
135 g
Enclosure Material
Anodized Aluminum
USB Connector
1x USB 3.0 Type B Locking Port (USB3 Vision Locking Connector Available)
Optical Connector
1x Duplex LC Connector
Power Input
5V USB Bus Powered
Power In Connector*
1500mA for each USB Port

93.5 x 45.4 x 27mm (3.68 x 1.79 x 1.06”)
135 g
Enclosure Material
Anodized Aluminum
USB Connector
2x USB 3.0 Type A Locking Port(USB3 Vision Locking Connector Available)
Optical Connector
1x Duplex LC Connector
Power Input
12-24V DC, 1A
Power In Connector
2.1mm Center Positive
USB Power Output
1500mA for each USB Port

Up to 300m (1,000 ft.)
OM3, 50/125μm, Multimode, Duplex LC

HYBRID FIBER CABLE* (*For Power Delivery Feature Use Only)
Up to 100m (330 ft.)
Outside Diameter
7.5mm (0.3”)
Max. Power Delivery

AC Power Plug Type
2 Pin Type-A
Power Input
100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 0.8A
Power Output
24V DC, 1000mA

Operating Temperature
-40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 185°F)
Storage Temperature
-65ºC to 150ºC(-85ºF to 302ºF)
Operating Humidity
20% to 80% relative humidity, non-condensing
Storage Humidity
10% to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing

USB 3.0
Machine Vision
AIA USB3 Vision™ Compliant
Laser Safety
IEC 60825-1 Class 1/CDRH Class 1 laser eye safe

1-year Manufacture Warranty


Hybrid Optical Fiber Cable, XX meters

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Multimode OM3 LC/LC 50/12um Optical Fiber Cable, XX meters

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Q: What is the fiber optic cable used for connecting the FireNEX-5000H™ Local and Remote unit?
A: OM3 Multimode Fiber Optic Cable, with Duplex LC-LC Connector.

Q: Is FireNEX-5000H™ backward compatible with USB 2.0?
A: A separate USB Adapter must be used together with FireNEX-5000H™ to make it USB 2.0 backward compatible.

Q: What power supply do I need for the FireNEX-5000H™?
A: The Local Unit can only be bus powered. The Remote Unit needs to be powered by a 12V-24V, DC power adapter with 5.5mm x 2.5 mm center positive DC plug.

Q: What should I do if my devices are not recognized by the host when connected via FireNEX-5000H™?

  1. Us a short USB 3.0 cable to connect the host directly to the device, to make sure the device can be detected via a direct connection. If not, please check with your device manufacture for help.
  2. Disable "USB Selective Suspend Setting" in Windows Control Panel->Power Options->Edit Power Plan->Change Advanced Power Setting
  3. If still not detected, power cycle both Local and Remote Unit and repeat the standard setup procedures described in the user manual to reconnect the device.
  4. If still not detected, disable and then enable USB 3.0 host in the device manager.

If none of the above methods fail, please contact Newnex technical support team for further assistance.

Q: What kind of USB 3.0 cables are needed to use with the FireNEX-5000H™?
A:A USB 3.0 A male to B male cable need to be used to connect the host computer to Local Unit.A USB 3.0 A male to Micro B male or B Male cable need to be used to connect the Remote Unit to your device, depend on the USB interface on your device.

Q: Is the FireNEX-5000H™ USB3 Vision Compliant?
A: Yes, all the USB Type-A and Type-B ports on FireNEX-5000H™ can be used with USB3 Vision Compliant Locking Cable.

Q: Does the FireNEX-5000H™ require any software or driver in order to work?
A: No, the FireNEX-5000H™ does not require any software or drivers to work.

Q: Where can the RoHS Certificate for FireNEX-5000H™ be found?
A: FireNEX-5000H™ Rohs Certifcation can be found in Newnex'sFireNEX Repeaters Certifcate.

Q: Is the FireNEX-5000H™ compatible with USB 3.0 Machine Vision Camera?
A: FireNEX-5000H™ is proven to be fully compatible with USB 3.0 Machine Vision cameras and devices that are available for testing, including those from Basler, Basler, Hamamtsu, IDS, Intel RealSense, JAI, Lumenera, Matrix Vision, Pleora, Point Grey, SVS-Visteck, The Imaging Source, ToshiBa-Teli, and Ximea.

Installation Setup

USB 3.0 Signal and Power up to 300m over Newnex Hybrid Optic Fiber