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Technology Overview

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface is the most successful interface in the history of the PC. With 100% adoption in PCs and peripherals, the USB installed base reaches over 6 billion units and grows by more than 2 billion units each year. USB 3.0 will continue this trend of success and popularity by achieving ten times greater data rate while retaining the ease of use that USB is known for.

Newnex was one of the earliest developers of USB technology and has contributed to the USB specifications standards since the origin of the interface. Newnex' cables and connectors were one of the first products of their kind to earn the USB compliance certification logo. This success in the USB market not only lead Intel to recommend Newnex as one of the top preferred vendors of USB cables and connectors but also helped Newnex' USB cables and connectors be incorporated into many OEM products worldwide.

USB 3.0 Logo

USB 3.0 Cables
USB 3.0 offers transmission speeds of up to 5 Gbps/sec, which is over 10 times faster than USB2.0 (480 Mbps/sec). USB 3.0 significantly reduces the time required for data transmission, reduces power consumption, and is backwards compatible with USB 2.0. With active participation in USB 3.0 development, Newnex will continue to lead the USB market by introducing a full line of innovative products.

To allow greater distances Newnex made the first USB 3.0 repeater, the FireNEX-uLINK™, which lets you extend signals up to 14m or nearly 5 times the practical length limit of 3 meters. Newnex has also developed an extensive line of USB 3.0 cables and connectors.

USB 3.1 Logo

USB 3.1 Cables
USB Type C is the newest technology in the connectivity industry, and with its unique design and advantages, USB type C has gradually taken over the spotlight. The size of the USB Type C connector is comparable to that of the Lighting connector on an iPhone which makes it ideal for application involving smaller devices such electrical mobile devices. Reversible plug orientation is another major feature that sets USB Type C connector apart due to its symmetrical design that allows users to plug in either way without worrying about it being upside down. Interchangeable cable end is another added feature if a cable is built with USB Type C connector at both ends. USB Type C will also support USB 3.1 with a top speed of 10 Gbps which is twenty times faster than USB 2.0. It also carries a much higher power output compared to previous USB standard. As a result, the versatility of USB Type C will clearly be beneficial to many applications.

 1394 FireWire Logo

IEEE 1394/FireWire/iLink
With the advantages of true peer-to-peer connectivity and high efficiency rates, IEEE 1394 (FireWire)With the advantages of true peer-to-peer connectivity and high efficiency rates, IEEE 1394 (FireWire) is a widely adopted interface. Currently, 1394 is used in mass-market computer, entertainment, and professional products, as well as in a wide range of specialty applications such as music, defense, aerospace, industry, and robotics. There have been over one billion 1394 ports shipped with PCs and peripherals worldwide.

As one of the first companies to receive the 1394a cable compliance logo, Newnex has been a leading developer of the 1394 standard, not only authoring the 1394a cable and connector compliance specifications but also contributing to many 1394 white papers and other technical documents. Newnex continues to lead the 1394 market in long haul repeaters through patented technologies and innovative solutions. The company has successfully introduced the world's first 1394b optical repeater, the FireNEX800™. Newnex is the only company in the world with solutions to extend 1394 signals over long distances for all technically viable media such as optical fiber, plastic fiber, category cables and coax cables.

S1600 1394b products are now on the market. S1600 refers to a data transfer rate of 1,600 Mbps, which is twice as fast as S800, the previous top speed for 1394. Current high quality 1394b Newnex cables and connectors are compatible with S1600 products.

Gigabit Ethernet Cables & Connectors
Ethernet is one of the most popular networking protocols used today, currently implemented in 85% of the world's LAN connected PCs and workstations. Gigabit Ethernet has become the leading technology in machine vision applications. The success of Gigabit Ethernet is due to its high bandwidth (1000Mbps), uncompressed data transfer, low cost of integration and ability to travel over extended distances of up to 100 meters. Determined to advance the applicable uses and flexibility of Gigabit Ethernet, Newnex has developed snap-on Gigabit Ethernet plugs with patent pending technology. Newnex' innovative snap-on Gigabit Ethernet plugs are equipped with industry standard locking screws for extremely easy on-site cable termination. From multi-million cycle high-flex Gigabit Ethernet cabling to custom designed connectors, Newnex will continue to provide quality connectivity products for the Gigabit Ethernet Vision market.

 ThunderBolt Logo

Thunderbolt™ combines DisplayPort and PCI Express into a new serial data interface that can be carried over longer and lower cost cables at 10 Gbps. One cable will be able to connect a monitor and any additional devices needed for a computer with daisy chaining ability. Newnex is excited to be developing new products for this technology.

The USB logo is a trademark of Universal Serial Bus Implementers Forum, Inc.
The FireWire logo is a trademark of Apple Inc.
The Thunderbolt logo is a trademark of Intel Corporation.

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