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1394- Best Solution for Machine Vision Applications

IEEE1394 is the best solution for Machine Vision Applications since it is computer based and provides precise and non-invasive visual techniques for a wide range of manufacturing activities, such as inspection, assembly and many other tasks. Machine Vision (MV) systems are the preferred means of acquiring and analyzing visual information. To read the full contents, please click here.

Simplifying High-speed Cable Assembly Testing

A set of simplified requirements can reduce the cost of testing high-speed cable assemblies in a production line. For high-speed serial bus applications such as Universal Serial Bus (USB) and IEEE 1394, the integrity of the data transfer relies on the quality of the high-speed cable assemblies. Each standard specifies the test criteria that the cable assemblies must meet. Although necessary for laboratory testing and certification against the standard, complete specified testing on all of the production is expensive, complex and time-consuming. Click images to enlarge and read the content.

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