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1394 FireWire
Cable Finder

Find all Newnex 1394 FireWire cables including straight, angled, panel mount, locking, high flex and many other types of 1394 FireWire cables with various AWG wires, colors and lengths. You may search for all the 1394 FireWire cables with one end, or you can specify two ends to find 1394 FireWire cables that match. More than two ends may return no results. Click on the end type to view an image of that end.

4pin    4   | 4L1   | 4L2   | 4R2   4R3   4R4  

6pin     6   |  6I   |  6R1    6R2    6R3    6R5  
 6R6    6R7    6R8    6R9    6R10    6R11  
 CFE-6    CFR-6    CFR-6M    6SW    CFRP  

9pin     9   |  9I   |  9R1   |  9R1I   |  9R2   |  9R3   |  9R3I   |  9R4  
 CFBR-9    9SW  

Other Ends     Bare Wires    6 Pin    10 Pin    DC Jack   DC Plug    Power Wires  
Cable Type     Standard   |  High Flex Robotic  
Color     Black   |  White/Beige/Gray  

Special     Ferrite Core No Power  24/24  AWG   22/26  AWG 

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