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Product Warranty

Newnex hereby warrants that all Newnex products are free from defects in material or workmanship within the warranty period. The warranty period for the products is one year from the date as stated on the original purchase receipt. During the warranty period, Newnex will repair or replace the defective unit.

This warranty will be voided under the following conditions:

  1. Sealed "Void Warranty" Sticker is removed, damaged, or broken.
  2. Malfunction caused by misuse, heat, moisture, humidity, water, accidents, or modification.
  3. Out of the one-year warranty period.

Newnex's engineer will inspect the defective unit and decide the best solution for the defective unit.

Claim Procedure

  1. Any warranty claims shall be made within the one-year warranty period.
  2. Contact Newnex online using the request form.
  3. Please provide proof of ownership including original receipt, or other documents relating to the purchase.
  4. After receiving the defective product, Newnex's engineer will inspect it, and a representative will contact you for further actions.
  5. Newnex is not responsible for the shipping cost incurred (please check the current shipment cost policy for more information).
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