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USB 3.0 Custom Cable Design Tool

As the USB 3.0 cable is relatively new, we understand that it might be difficult to find the USB 3.0 cable that you need exactly. We resolve this issue by letting you design your own USB 3.0 cable. Our list of USB 3.0 connectors includes USB 3.0 A, USB 3.0 B, USB 3.0 Macro B, and USB 3.0 bare wire in left angle, right angle, up angle, and down angle using various types of cables. With Newnex's USB 3.0 Custom Cable Design Tool, you can design your desired cable in three easy steps.

Design in 3 Steps

  1. Select connector type and configuration on the left.
  2. Select connector type and configuration on the right.
  3. Select the middle
Step 1 - Select Left

A Plug USB3.0
B Plug USB3.0
Length cannot be zero.

Notes: For USB 3.0 cables black is the default. Blue is a custom option.  USB 3.0 Locking Specifications (Meets the USB3 Vision standard): Screw spacing for A and B: 22 mm. Screw spacing for MicroB:  18 mm. Screw size for A, B and MicroB: M2x0.4 - 6g.

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