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USB 3.0

Ever since its introduction, USB 3.0 technology has become one of the most popular connectivity interface standards for consumer market and industry fields such as Machine Vision, medical imaging, audiovisual communication, etc. The new USB 3.0 SuperSpeed standard has dramatically increased the data throughput between the hosts and peripherals with its superior data transfer rate up to 5Gbits/s. With that in mind, Newnex developed variety of high quality USB 3.0 includes standard straight, right angle cables, and active repeater cables in various customizable lengths and configurations. To break the 3 meter length limit of standard USB 3.0 cable; Newnex offers multiple extension solutions that is capable of extending USB 3.0 signal and bus power up to 300 meters such as active dongle extender and fiber optic extender. Newnex also offers a fully customizable cable design tool to help customers to design any cables they want to meet their application need. In addition, Newnex also offers multiple solutions to extend Xbox Kinect up to 80 meters, which is 5 times longer than any other extension solutions on the market.

Newnex USB 3.0 Products

USB 3.0 Cables USB 3.0 Angled Cables USB 3.0 Locking Cables
USB 3.0 Cables
A, B, and MicroB
USB 3.0 Angled Cables
A, B, and MicroB
USB 3.0 Locking Cables
A, B, and MicroB
USB 3.0 Panel Mount USB 3.0 High Flex Cable, Chain Flex USB3.0 Design Tool
USB 3.0 Panel
Mount Cables

A, B, and MicroB
USB 3.0
High Flex Cables

A, B, MicroB
USB 3.0 Custom
Design Tool

A, B, MicroB
USB 3.0 Optical Repeaters USB 3.0 Active Repeaters USB 3.0 Hub
USB 3.0
Optical Repeaters

USB 3.0 Repeaters
& Repeater Cables

A, B, Micro B
USB 3.0 Industrial Hub
USB3.0 Connectors USB 3.0 Water Proof Cables
USB 3.0 Connectors
A, B, MicroB Plug kits
and receptacles
USB 3.0 Water &
Dust Proof Cables

Type A
USB3 Vision
RoHS Compliance

All of Newnex USB 3.0 cables and connectors meet the RoHS specifications.
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