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USB 2.0
Locking Cables

USB 2.0 Locking Cables

For any application, having a secured connection is extremely important. At Newnex, we manufacture a variety of USB 2.0 locking cables in different lengths and configurations.


USB2.0 Series B panel mount plug with long screws to A plug, black jacket


A to B Long Screws with 2 Ferrite Cores.

UH2202MB2412I1 NEW!

USB2.0 A to Mini B with M3 locking screw, 20/28AWG, Black


USB 2.0 A plug to miniB plug with locking screws.
The size of the locking miniB has been designed to be as small as possible.
Ask for a drawing for more information.


USB 2.0 Panel Mount B to Mini B with locking, black


USB 2.0 Panel Mount B down angled to B right angled-4, black