1394 IEEE 6 Pin Fiber Optic Repeater

The Newnex FireNEX™-MX is an IEEE1394b compliant optical repeater for extra long distance connection. Utilizing an IEEE1394 PHY and optical transceiver, the FireNEX™-MX is capable of sending IEEE1394 signals across a multi mode optical fiber cable up to 500 meters in length. The FireNEX™-MX is contained within a small box slightly larger than a deck of cards, which makes it inobtrusive and compact, allowing you to place it on a desktop already crowded with other things.

Using a LC optical connector, it takes only minutes to setup, and there is no configuration necessary. The FireNEX™-MX will work for both 1394b and 1394a signals at speeds of 400, 200 and 100 Mbps. For optical cables, click on Optical Cables.

The power adapter provided by Newnex is UL certified. For countries that need certifications for power other than UL, please purchase the similar power adapter with the special power certification from the local stores.


  • Compliant with both IEEE1394b and IEEE1394a specifications
  • Data transfer rate at 100/200/400Mbps
  • Reach up to 500 meters using MMF GOF 50/125 µm or 6.5/125 µm fiber cable
  • Two 6-pin copper ports
  • One standard LC optical port
  • FCC and CE Certified
  • RoHS Certified
  • Passed MIL-STD-883, low temperature cycling test (-45°C to +75°C) for harsh environment applications


80 x 68 x 27 mm
Power Input
12V Recommended
Power Consumption
3W @ 12V
Power Adapter
AC Input 100V - 240VAC, 50/60Hz DC Output 12V,1A
Operating Temperature
-45°C to 75°C (-49°F to 167°F)


Multimode OM1 LC/LC 62.5/125 μm Optical Fiber Cable, XX meters

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Q: What is the length that the FireNEX™-MX can support?
A: The FireNEX™-MX will support up to a maximum length of 500 meters with MMF GOF 50/125 mm or 62.5/125 mm optical fiber cable. The FireNEX™-MX has a single mode version (FireNEX-MX-SX), which can reach a longer distance with a single mode fiber (SMF) cable.

Q: What is the maximum speed of the FireNEX™-MX?
A: The FireNEX™-MX can support up to the maximum speed of 400 Mbps. The FireNEX™-MX can also operate at lower speeds, such as 200 Mbps and 100 Mbps.

Q: Can the FireNEX™-MX itself be a FireWire repeater?
A: Yes, the FireNEX™-MX can be used as a two-port FireWire repeater alone, repeating through the two copper ports.

Q: Do I have to use two FireNEX™-MX repeaters to make it work?
A: Yes, a pair of FireNEX™-MX is needed for the fiber extension. Both FireNEX™-MX units can act as either the transceiver or the receiver.

Q: Which FireNEX™-MX connects to the host system and which FireNEX™-MX connects to the devices?
A: The host system and the devices can be connected to either FireNEX™-MX unit.

Q: Is there a driver for the FireNEX-MX ?
A: No, operating systems such as Windows 98 SE, Mac OS 9, and later versions already come with IEEE1394 support.

Q: Where can the RoHS Certificate for FireNEX™-MX be found?
A: FireNEX™-MX Rohs Certifcation can be found in Newnex's FireNEX™ Repeaters Certifcate.

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