1394 FireWireFireNEX-800™ Repeater


IEEE 1394 9 Pin Fiber Optic Repeater

Utilizing an IEEE 1394 PHY and optical transceiver, the FireNEX800™ is capable of sending IEEE 1394 signals across a optical fiber cable up to 500 meters in length. The FireNEX800™ Repeater is contained within a small box slightly larger than a deck of cards, which makes it inobtrusive and compact, allowing you to place it on a desktop already crowded with other things.

The FireNEX800™ will work with 1394b at speeds of 800, 400, 200 and 100 Mbps, and with 1394a at speeds of 400, 200 and 100 Mbps. The FireNEX™ 800™ needs OM1 LC/LC 62.5/125 um optical cable.

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Work with 50/125 μm or 62.5/125 μm multimode fiber, up to 500m


Work with 9/125 μm single mode fiber, up to 2,000m


  • Compliant with both IEEE1394b and IEEE1394a specifications
  • Data transfer rate at 100/200/400/800 Mbps
  • Reach up to 500 meters with Multimode Fiber and 2,000 meters with Single Mode Fiber
  • Two 9-pin IEEE1394b bilingual copper ports
  • One standard LC optical port
  • FCC and CE Certified
  • RoHS Certified
  • Passed MIL-STD-883, low temperature cycling test (-45%C to +75%C) for harsh environment applications


80 x 68 x 27 mm
Power Input
12V Recommended
Power Consumption
3W @ 12V
Power Adapter
AC Input 100V - 240VAC, 50/60Hz DC Output 12V,1A
Operating Temperature
-45°C to 75°C (-49°F to 167°F)


Multimode OM1 LC/LC 62.5/125 μm Optical Fiber Cable, XX meters

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Q: What is the length that the FireNEX-800™ can support?

A: The FireNEX-800™ will support a length of 500 meters with Multi Mode Fiber cable (MMF) with 50/125 mm or 62.5/125 mm. The FireNEX-800™ has a single mode version (FireNEX800-SX™), which can reach a longer distance with a single mode fiber (SMF) cable.

Q: What is the maximum speed of the FireNEX-800™?
A: The FireNEX-800™ can support up to the maximum speed of 800 Mbps. The FireNEX800TM can also operate at lower speeds, such as 400 Mbps, 200 Mbps, and 100 Mbps.

Q: Can the FireNEX-800™ itself be a FireWire repeater?
A: Yes, the FireNEX-800™ can be used as a two-port FireWire repeater alone, repeating through the two copper ports.

Q: Do I have to use two FireNEX-800™ repeaters to make it work?
A: Yes, a pair of FireNEX-800™ is needed for the fiber extension. Both FireNEX-800™ units can act as either the transceiver or the receiver.

Q: Which FireNEX-800™ connects to the host system and which FireNEX-800™ connects to the devices?
A: The host system and the devices can be connected to either FireNEX-800™ unit.

Q: Is there a driver for the FireNEX-800™ ?
A: No, operating systems such as Windows 98 SE, Mac OS 9, and later versions already come with IEEE1394 support.

Q: Where can the RoHS Certificate for FireNEX-800™ be found?
A: FireNEX-800™ Rohs Certifcation can be found in Newnex's FireNEX Repeaters Certifcate.