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1394 FireWire

Newnex manufactures a variety of unique and high quality FireWire (1394) products including FireWire cables, FireWire extensions, FireWire connectors, FireWire adaptors, and FireWire repeaters for computers, servers, machine vision cameras, medical and industrial equipment, and many other usages. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our products are known for their superior quality, ease of use, and reliable connection.

Newnex 1394 FireWire Products

Firewire Cables, 1394 IEEE Cables Firewire Angled Cables, 1394 IEEE Angled Cables Firewire Repeaters, 1394 IEEE Repeaters
1394 FireWire Cables
4, 6, and 9 Pin; Panel Mount, Locking, and Power Jack cables
1394 FireWire Angled Cables
4, 6, and 9 Pin
1394 FireWire Repeater
Optical, CAT5, COAX, and Active
Firewire connectors, 1394 IEEE connectors Firewire High Flex Cables, 1394 IEEE High Flex Cables firewire custom cable
1394 FireWire Connectors
4, 6, and 9 Pin Plug-kits and Receptacles

1394 FireWire
High Flex Cables

6 Pin and 9 Pin
1394 FireWire
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4 Pin, 6 Pin, 9 Pin, etc.

RoHS Compliance

All of Newnex 1394 FireWire cables, connectors, and repeaters meet the RoHS specifications.
Please refer to the following documents: